What We Buy

We specialize in precious metal scrap made from
gold, silver, platinum or palladium.

DEFCO is pleased to be one of the few precious metal buyers with the flexibility
to purchase lots from a variety of individuals & businesses, including jewelers,
pawnbrokers, dentists, mining companies and industrial manufacturers.



Gold is an extremely valuable metal that has countless industrial and commercial applications, including creating jewelry. Businesses that produce these kinds of goods often need to sell the scrap gold they accumulate. 


Every year, more than 250 million ounces of silver are used in industrial applications. Many businesses that use silver in industrial capacities sell to recyclers like Prestige Metals Group. We buy all types of silver, including bars, coins and jewelry.


Platinum is popular in industrial applications because of its high resistance to chemical corrosion, heat resistance, hardness and electrical conductivity. Hundreds of metric tons of platinum enter the market every year. We can help you turn your platinum scrap into capital.


While palladium is used in electronics and jewelry, nearly 1 million ounces of the precious metal is used each year in dental applications. If your business handles palladium products or produces palladium scrap, we can recycle it for you.


Our refining process is completely transparent. As a trustworthy refiner, we allow all our customers to watch their precious metal scrap go through the entire process of being weighed, assayed, and melted.

Please note, we do not handle any alluvial gold, electronic scrap, or mined materials from Africa.


The industries served by DEFCO are diverse in size and function, but they all come with the same need—honest, fair and fast precious metal refining. At PMG, our business values are:

  • Transparency – We keep you updated the entire process and will even show you as your metals are tested and weighed. 
  • Trust – Our team has dealt in precious metals for two decades and understand how important relationships are to any industry. 
  • Personal Service – You will always deal with a local team member that is easily and readily accessible to you. We are here to serve you and your business needs – and try to make that as easy as possible. 

We don’t close business we open relationships. With that in mind, lets discuss how our companies can collaborate together. 


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